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Seminaret arrangeres i samarbeid med KHiO i forbindelse med forskningsprosjektet Segunda Vez av kunstneren Dora Garcia. Prosjektet vil resultere i en utstilling på Trondheim kunstmuseum sommeren 2018. Seminaret vil foregå på engelsk.

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After almost two years of research, production of several films, two cahiers documenting the progress of the research, a book, and an internet site (segundavezsegundavez.com), the project Segunda Vez will close with an open seminar to be held in the cities of Trondheim and Oslo, hosted by Trondheim Kunstmuseum and Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

During those two years, assistant researchers Victoria Durnak and Nora Joung, fellow researchers Inés Katzenstein and Ana Longoni, myself, and a large group of partners, companions and friends, have reflected on the work of the multifaceted intellectual Oscar Masotta (Buenos Aires, 1930, Barcelona 1979). The work of Oscar Masotta has functioned for us as a crossroad of myths, disciplines, knowledges, historical circumstances, stories, fictional and real characters. It has been an incredibly rich encounter where we have transitioned between performance art, psychoanalysis, and politics. In this encounter we have followed the threads of metafiction and repetition, as core strategies of what we know now under the very hybrid umbrella term of performance which today might include what Masotta named happening and its opposite: antihappening and art of information media.

In this final open seminar we will present performances, lectures, dialogues, debates, and screenings. Some focus on Masotta, his time, and his work. Others are works and reflections that have been generated along the research, stimulated by conversations and encounters. We will present the final publication, the book "Segunda Vez" designed by Aslak Gurholt and distributed by Torpedo Books. We will screen as well a rough cut in-progress version of the feature film "Segunda Vez", produced by Auguste Orts.

Participation in the seminar is free for all. Admission to the museum is free for Artists, Art History and Art Academy students and visitors under 18.

Those interested in attending the seminar please be so kind to inscribe by sending an email to the following address: segundavezsegundavez@gmail.com

Upon arrival at the museum ring the doorbell. You will find the doorbell on the right side of the front door. 

Utstillinger i TKM Bispegata 21.-22. november: