Hopp til hovedinnhold

Thursday 20 April at 2pm

Yaniya Mikhalina. In the Volga-Ural Sky (After Eisentsten. The capture of Kazan), collage 2023

In the framework of the Society of Artistic Research conference, Too Early Too Late, Trondheim Kunstmuseum hosts a presentation of Yaniya Mikhalina´s PhD project, revolving around the practicing, conceptualizing and imagining of feminist and decolonial filmmaking. For this artist talk, she will share a glossary of the most relevant concepts and topics around and through which her works are built, e.g., the documentary, the feminization of production, the boundless space, post-russia, the reality principle, camering vs filming, colonial temporalities, mental health.

The talk will be moderated by Margaret Tali, writer, curator and researcher from Estonian Academy of Arts, co-organizer of the project “Communicating Difficult Pasts” that seeks to forge connections and foreground solidarities between the different difficult histories that are often perceived as incompatible or in competition with each other.

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