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22. April - 17. September 2023

The nominees for Lorck Schive Kunstpris 2023 are:

The four artists nominated to the Lorck Schive Kunstpris 2023 all represent the spearhead of Norwegian contemporary art and will make new works of art for an exhibition that opens in April 2023 at Trondheim kunstmuseum. Lorck Schive Kunstpris has received international attention for its unique collocation and presentation of the best contemporary art in Norway today, and there is no reason to doubt that the coming exhibition shall do the same.

In 2023 Lorck Schive Kunstpris will be awarded for the sixth time. The prize is a collaboration between Christian Lorck Schive og Hustrus legat (i.e. the Lorck Schive legacy) and Trondheim kunstmuseum.


The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, Trondheim kunstmuseum, Norwegian Critics’ Association and The Norwegian Association of Curators nominate a total of 11 artists.

The board of the Lorck Schive and Spouse Trust selects four of these artists who are invited to participate in the prize exhibition at TKM. The artists receive NOK 150,000 each to produce the exhibition. 

An international and independent jury chooses an artist who receives the prize of NOK 500,000.

The board of the Lorck Schive and Spouse Trust

  • Ruben Steinum
  • Marthe Aas
  • Farhad Kalantary

The art prize has been initiated by the board of the Lorck Schive and Spouse Trust. The board consists of visual artists.

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Jury 2023

The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, Trondheim kunstmuseum and the board of the Lorck Schive and Spouse Trust, and Trondheim kunstmuseum choose one jury member each.

In 2023, the jury consists of:

  • Diana Campbell, curator
  • Binna Choi, curator
  • Camille Norment, artist
  • 1/1

Lorck Schive Kunstpris

The prize recipient receives 500 000 NOK (apx. 56 000 EUR), and each of the four nominated artist receives 150 000 NOK (apx. 16 700 EUR) for fee and production expenses. The prize total of Lorck Schive Kunstpris is NOK 1100 000 (apx. 123 000 EUR). Unique for Lorck Schive Kunstpris is that most of today’s income to the Lorck Schive and Spouse Trust, which is the trust behind Lorck Schive Kunstpris, comes from ground rent from more than 90 leaseholds in central Trondheim.

Former award recipients:

2021: Steinar Haga Kristensen
2019: Eline Mugaas
2017: Vibeke Tandberg
2015: Vanessa Baird
2013: Marianne Heier and Lene Berg

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