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About Art

Art is always on art’s mind. This exhibition shows film and video art that in one way or another has art as its theme. The works are presented consecutively, and in dialogue with the exhibitions at Trondheim kunstmuseum, during two years. The selection focuses on works from the past 50 years. During this period the role of the artist and the nature of the artwork have been among art’s central concerns. About Art freely alternates between different themes and perspectives, and includes reflections on the nature and facts of artistic creation, the works of other artists, and the people who work with art in different capacities. Art about art is also art about us, about life, and the society we live in

TKM Bispegata13. Mar 2016 – 14. Jan 2018

In the collection: Highlights

Trondheim kunstmuseum’s collection consists of approximately 5,000 artworks, and makes up the foundation for the museum. The selection of works in this exhibition seeks to show a cross-section of the contents of the collection, in which both art historical greats and old popular favourites are on display.

TKM Bispegata17. Apr 2016 – 1. Sep 2018

If on a Trondheim´s night a traveler...

Works from Collizone Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. In April we open the doors of the museum in Bispegata and invite the audience to a whole new exhibition, with works from one of the most significant contemporary art collections in Europe - which has never been shown in Norway!

TKM Bispegata 22. Apr – 30. Dec

Gruppe 5 - The art of composing a picture

It is nearly 50 years since the Norwegian artist group called Gruppe 5 was dissolved. With this exhibition we wish to shed light on the struggle that took place in Trøndelag in the 60's to promote the abstract painting, and at the same token ask who were these artists, what did they stand for and what impact has their work had?

TKM Bispegata 6. May – 10. Sep

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