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Elise Storsveen

Venus, 2020. 

Daisuke Kosugi

Leave Fucking <<Society>> Alone, 2016

10.11. - 12.12.2021

Leave Fucking <<Society>> Alone (2015)

Medium: Video installation, single-channel HD video, stereo.

Length: 4 min, 30 sec.

The video focuses on how we learn to move our bodies and its effect on rhythm and poetry. The video combines found clips of Namba-walking (a traditional Japanese walking style), race, transgender voice training tutorials, and club culture symbols. The video speculates the link between walking and dancing styles, the rhythm of haiku poetry, and club music. The video is created using datamoshing, a method used to destroy the recognition criteria of different video clips. Playing the video after this uncontrollable process works only with motion detection.

Daisuke Kosugi

Daisuke Kosugi (b. 1984, born in Tokyo, lives, and works in Oslo)

Kosugi founded the artist-run exhibition site Louise Dany in Oslo in 2016 together with Ina Hagen. It is a semi-private exhibition venue, a lounge for discussions about ongoing work and open projects, based on active and long-term collaborations with international and national artists. Kosugi constructs seductive scenarios through film, sculpture, performance, and text with an underlying conflict between personal freedom and systems.  By portraying how creativity is mined (and exploited) in the creative industry, in a post-Fordist labor market, or through stories of invention that cannot be converted into economically or culturally measurable productivity, Kosugi wraps up these conflicts through a focus on the individuals' lived life.

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    Daisuke Kosugi, Leave Fucking <<Society>> Alone, 2015.

Venus, 2020

Venus, 2020

Medium: Textile, application.

Size: 212cm x 139 cm.

Elise Storsveen sees her body as a functional, elastic, strong, and willing tool that affects everything she thinks and does. The body as a sculptural shape and sculptures that illustrate the body. But it is flat: three-dimensionality is explored and carried out two-dimensionally. Storsveen's artistry makes it easy to find a fascination with the lived life and for the craft as a valuable act.

Application is the fundamental technique of the monumental works. They expressively carry references to modernism's more graphic expressions and the suggestive and figurative forms of modernism. Throughout Storsveen's work, geometry and abstracted human figures, hands, and houses interchangeably, as well as the reuse of materials can point to time as a phenomenon, and structures that bind us together across generations and geography.

Elise Storsveen

Elise Storsveen (b. 1969 lives and works in Oslo)

Storsveen works mainly with collage and textile. For her, it's about losing control and indulging in the unknown. She works with application to escape the involuntary detail control she experiences in painting, yet could work with forms and narratives on large surfaces. 

"Abstraction and immersion, tapestry and application, hand and brain, uncontrolled and methodical, simple and complex, but always subjective and always in pursuit of something I don't know what is." - Elise Storsveen. 

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    Elise Storsveen, Venus, 2020.