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Welcome to Trondheim Kunstmuseum!

Trondheim kunstmuseum has two locations: TKM Bispegata is situated near the Nidaros Cathedral and TKM Gråmølna at Nedre Elvehavn.

TKM Bispegata fasade (Foto/Photo)

TKM Bispegata

The museum´s main building situated near the Nidaros Cathedral.

Adress: Bispegata 7B

Phone: 73 53 81 80

E-mail: post@trondheimkunstmuseum.no

Gramlna_IMG_2326_mbh.jpg (Foto/Photo)

TKM Gråmølna

The museum's venue at Nedre Elvehavn.

Adress: Trenerys gate 9

Phone: 73 53 81 90

E-mail: post@trondheimkunstmuseum.no

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