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Welcome to Trondheim Kunstmuseum!

Trondheim kunstmuseum has two locations: TKM Bispegata is situated near the Nidaros Cathedral and TKM Gråmølna at Nedre Elvehavn.

TKM Bispegata fasade (Foto/Photo)

TKM Bispegata

The museum´s main building situated near the Nidaros Cathedral.

Adress: Bispegata 7B

Phone: 73 53 81 80

E-mail: post@trondheimkunstmuseum.no

Gramlna_IMG_2326_mbh.jpg (Foto/Photo)

TKM Gråmølna

The museum's venue at Nedre Elvehavn.

Adress: Trenerys gate 9

Phone: 73 53 81 90

E-mail: post@trondheimkunstmuseum.no

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What to see now:

TKM_Samling-12.jpg. Foto/Photo

The collection

The collection

Discover the collection! Here you can experience artists such as Harald Sohlberg, Edvard Munch, Inger Sitter and Lotte Konow Lund. See how art has developed through the centuries, from the museum's first purchase to today.

TKM Bispegata 12. Oct 2019 – 31. Oct 2021
Katinka_med_katt.jpg. Foto/Photo

Katinka Goldberg - Shtumer Alef

Katinka Goldberg - Shtumer Alef

Shtumer Alef, a Jewish sign of silence, is based on the story of the artist Katinka Goldberg's grandmother, Assne Kahn. At the age of 21, she fled to Sweden from Trondheim to escape the Nazis. Read more here.

TKM Bispegata 6. Sep 2020 – 3. Jan 2021
Skisse09_kopi.jpg. Foto/Photo

Leonard Rickhard - Before and after sunset

Leonard Rickhard - Before and after sunset

For 40 years he has distinguished himself as one of Norway's most prominent painters. Leonard Rickhard's pictorial world is characterized by his upbringing after World War II, with motifs such as military barracks, fighter jets and other vehicles, cross-sections of landscapes and buildings, interiors with model aircraft building and bird collections. Rickhard's paintings have been called melancholic and are often perceived as enigmatic and at the same time analytical. Read more here.

TKM Bispegata 12. Sep 2020 – 14. Feb 2021
Lili_Zaneta_Moment_of_being_human_2020.jpg. Foto/Photo

Art Academy Masters Degree show 2020

Art Academy Masters Degree show 2020

Lisa Størseth Pettersen, Mahsa Hamed Mousaviyan, Qianhui Qian, Per Stian Monsås, Bella da Silva Buxbom, Lili Zaneta, Màtè Labus, Erina Kawachi, Sigrid Voll Bøyum, Hedda Kristine Bremseth and Oscar Debs.

TKM Gråmølna 9. Oct – 1. Nov 2020