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5 dialogues with Trondheim Art Museum's collection

In 2020 and 2021, Norwegian art museums received funding from the Ministry of Culture to purchase Norwegian contemporary art for their collections. The money was intended to stimulate activity and maintain activity in the arts whiles being in a demanding situation during the pandemic.

With the stimulation scheme and the funds that Trondheim Art Museum has received, there was an opportunity to revitalize the Artist's choice. The largest hall on the ground floor is made available to five invited artists. In 2021, these five artists will in their own periods, engage in dialogues with selected works from Trondheim art museum's collection, and this dialogue will become a part of the collection. Each exhibition will stand for one month. The starting point is still the same, but the shape is different, this time presented as a series of exhibitions from a series of purchases. 

Since 2015, Trondheim Art Museum has had the concept The Artist's Choice, as an event series. The starting point was a desire to approach the collection with new eyes and get an artist's perspective on various works. Artists with local connections were invited to select works from the collection, which they then presented to the public, preferably in relation to their own artistry. The presentation took place in an event, the form was up to the artist themselves. All the works of art that were chosen were displayed in the museum, preferably together with a written motivation from the artist about why this particular work had been chosen. In 2016, selected works from the event series were shown in a separate exhibition at TKM Gråmølna.