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24.09.2022 - 05.03.2023

This year marks fifty years since the Norwegian Penal Code's ban on sexual acts between men (§ 213) was lifted. In working with The Future is _____ , the museum has looked back to the ‘70s. We have allowed ourselves to be fascinated by the science fiction genre and the hippie movement, with its many utopian visions of the future. In this exhibition, we ask where we will be in fifty years. Through play and sensory experiences, this exhibition invites free thinking that the future is _____.

Our society is built on historical dichotomies, a form of binary logic. This is also reflected in how we experience ourselves and the world. In this exhibition, the museum wishes to challenge a traditional, heteronormative understanding of the world by activating the entire sensory apparatus. Because how many of us manage to live up to the heteronormative ideals? Can we break with established narratives and paradigms of knowledge if we listen more to the body than to the head? 

The Future is _____ addressing you as a sentient being. The sensual defines our humanity, our belonging to each other and to nature. The exhibition does not illustrate the future, inviting you instead to use your imagination. Can we envision a future where we are completely free of a binary understanding, not only of gender and sexuality, but also in the way we experience the world?

Participating artists:

Pipilotti Rist, Jeremy Shaw, Zheng Bo, Sandra Mujinga, Anja Carr, Børre Sæthre, Brittany Nelson, Lawrence Malstaf, Ride1 (Stig Sjølund, Jonas Kjellgren og Ronny Hansson), Anne Breivik, John Anton Risan, Axel Salto m.m.

Artist and curator Guri Simone Øveraas has put together an event program in collaboration with dancer Loan TP Hoang and Skeivt Opprør. There will be, among other things, a utopian sci-fi dance party, lectures, talks and workshops. A catalog has been created for the exhibition, with curatorial text, artistpresentations and contributions from Colin Bojer and Andreas Breivik.

Queer Culture Year 2022

In 2022, we celebrate 50 years since the decriminalization of homosexuality in Norway. Queer, diverse, provocative stories and ideas are essential for our creativity, tolerance, and development. Queer encompasses more than sexuality. It's about creating free zones, room to be who you want, challenging norms and canon.

Read more about the event on The National Museum's website

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postcard_expo_HEGE_LOENNE_TRONDHEIM.tif. Foto/Photo

Hege Lønne - Retrospective

Hege Lønne - Retrospective

With this exhibition, Trondheim kunstmuseum showcases the art of Hege Lønne, a pioneer in the field of environmental art. In the four decades of her diverse artistic practice, Lønne’s sculptural experiments, subtle animations and poetic observations of nature asked insisting questions about the place of human beings in nature.

TKM Bispegata  25. Mar – 14. Aug 2022
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Marthe Elise Stramrud - Rise

Marthe Elise Stramrud - Rise

A series of new ceramic sculptures on an almost impossible scale will be shown this autumn at TKM Gråmølna. Like large bodies in the rooms: 1.8 tons of clay are shaped, raised upright, glazed and burned. With vibrant colors and rough brushstrokes, the sculptures become Stramrud's canvases. In a peculiar play of form and material, she shows, hides and shifts focus, and a tension arises, a new dialogue between surface and depth, between the two- and three-dimensional, between figuration and abstraction, between then and now.

TKM Gråmølna  16. Sep 2022 – 15. Jan 2023
GudrunStokstad_programkort.jpg. Foto/Photo

Gudrun Skeie Stokstad

Gudrun Skeie Stokstad

Narrative joy, humor, and tolerance characterize Gudrun Skeie Stokstad's (1940-2016) work. The textile sculptures are detached dolls and animals. And brightly colored birds are often the central motif. The birds are humorously depicted with human characteristics. She places the same type of figures in simplified landscapes in her applications, emphasizing the ornamental and simple symbols.

TKM Bispegata  15. May – 11. Sep 2022