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Shtumer Alef

Katinka Goldberg
5. September 2020 - 3. January 2021
Studio - TKM Bispegata

Shtumer Alef, a Jewish sign of silence, is based on the story of the artist Katinka Goldberg's grandmother, Assne Kahn. At the age of 21, she fled to Sweden from Trondheim to escape the Nazis.

In 2018, Goldberg found her grandmother's diary at the Jewish Museum in Trondheim, written during her flight to freedom. That same summer, Goldberg followed her Grandmother's route, and took photographs along the way. The images she has captured of the landscapes, and of the plants and stones that fill the portraits of the grandmother, are all found along this route.

Goldberg's expressive photographic expression in combination with historical family and archive photographs, emphasizes that this is also a deeply personal project, which explores longing and belonging.

The project is also a simultaneously a contemporary commentary on the state of Europe, with a higher number of refugees than ever before

As if in an ancestral healing process, the plants still give us a strong but gentle idea of growth, fertility and life, even on the ashes of such painful memories — which will always be embedded in them. But now, and finally, defused, shown and manifested.

- Elisa Medde / Editor FOAM Magazine 2020

The exhibition is a collaboration with Jødisk Kulturfestival Trondheim, The Jewish Museum in Trondheim and is supported by Fritt Ord.

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    Photo: Katinka Goldberg.
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    Photo: Katinka Goldberg.
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    Photo: Katinka Goldberg.
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    Photo: Katinka Goldberg.