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I, The World, Things, Life is an interactive installation consisting of multiple dartboards and darts. The work removes the hand of the artist and instead functions more as a series of instructions.

The gallery wall is covered by dartboards; the optical illusion begins. Darts are placed in boxes on the floor, and the audience is invited to engage with the work. Scoring a bullseye should be easy with so many chances, but the more one tries to focus, the more the targets move. Darts are thrown until the boxes are empty. The darts are then returned to the boxes and the process continues.

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    I, the World, Things, Life, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona. Interactive dartboard installation.
  • 2/6
    I, the World, Things, Life, MAGASIN - Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Grenoble. Interactive dartboard installation, 5,2 x 10,6 m
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    Photo: Lili Zaneta / TKM.
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    Photo: Lili Zaneta / TKM.
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    Photo: Lili Zaneta / TKM.
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    Photo: Lili Zaneta / TKM.
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