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Gruppe 5

The Art of Composing a Picture

Gruppe 5 was an Norwegian artist group founded in the early 60's and consisted of Ramon Isern (1914-1989), Lars Tiller (1924-1994), Roar Wold (1926-2001), Håkon Bleken (born 1929) and Halvdan Ljøsne (1929-2006). They were associated with the architecture department at NTH in Trondheim (Norway's Technical College, now NTNU), where they were employed as teachers. All of them shared a fundamental interest in how to construct an image with colors and form. Combining a modernist veiw with an academic approach to the production of paintings, these five artists have made their mark in Norwegian art history, but also in the history of architecture through their NTH teaching. Their educational work was based on a visual order; a post-Bauhaus abstraction with basic principles in design and structure. The teaching was visual, with practical tasks. Through the use of coal, stencils, collage and paint, the goal was to compose the image as perfect order. 

It is nearly 50 years since the group was dissolved. With the exhibition Gruppe 5 - The art of constructing an image, we wish to shed light on the struggle that took place in Trøndelag in the 60's to promote the abstract painting, and at the same token ask who were these artists, what did they stand for and what impact has their work had?

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